DR. A R Rahman

DR. A R Rahman

Allah Rakha Rahman born January 6, 1966 (01-06-1966) (Now Age 43)

Movies are the channels for this music. But music stays on long after the films.

I feel very happy at home with my family.

He doesn't speak too much but his music speaks.

Saira and Rahman got married on Wednesday, March the 12th, 1995 in Chennai.

He married, Saira Banu and has three children; Khadijah, Rahima & Aameen

Award from Abdul Kalam(X-President of India). Award for Indian of the Year 2007.

Chinna Chinna Asai was composed as a "sad" full song initially but later was changed to a happy song.

Lord of Rings composer group.

I like music that is able to stir my soul. My music is a spiritual exercise"

Criticism is fine – at the end of the day, my music speaks for itself.

I try to do my best but, finally, everything lies in God's hands.

Rather than making money I believe in making people happy,
all other things are secondary." Money isn't important, creative satisfaction is.

Swades" is right from my heart. It is simple and sweet music.

A.R Rahman with Koffi Anna.

My Wife is my Biggest Critic... [the picture is taken @ the red carpet OSCARS]

I had a choice between love and hate, and I chose love. That's why I am here today." – AR Rahman on winning his second Oscar.

Nothing's changed about the man. If anything, A. R. Rahman is still the shy
and humble person he was before Slumdog Millionaire happened. The only difference is
that with two Oscars and a BAFTA and Golden Globe each, the security cover around
him has thickened.

"Be a good son to your parents; Be a good husband to your wife
and Be a good father to your son, and that would make you a good
friend to me" AR Rahman

His Studio

Director Shankar: A R Rahman – The name speaks for itself.

K S Chitra: He is the only Indian composer whose stuff stands out.

Hrithik Roshan: "When the music is by A R Rahman U never think or say good or bad…U just say WOW its Rahman "

Singer Harini: "The best part about singing for Rahman is the freedom he gives the singer. Even for my first song he let me sing the way I was comfortable with, eventhough I was a nobody then."


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