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Water Car


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කොහොමද Bus එකේ යෑම

Rest house @ Nuwaraeliya


Amazing magdeburg water bridge

The Magdeburg Water Bridge (German: Wasserstraßenkreuz) is a
navigable aqueduct in Germany, opened in October 2003. It connects the
Elbe-Havel Canal to the Mittelland Canal, crossing over the Elbe River. It
is notable for being the longest navigable aqueduct in the world, with a
total length of 918 metres (3,012 ft)

The Elbe-Havel and Mittelland canals had previously met near
Magdeburg but on opposite sides of the Elbe. Ships moving between the two
had to make a 12-kilometre (7.5 mi) detour, descending from the Mittelland
Canal through the Rothensee boat lift into the Elbe, then sailing downstream
on the river, before entering the Elbe-Havel Canal through Niegripp lock.
Low water levels in the Elbe often prevented fully laden canal barges from
making this crossing, requiring time-consuming off-loading of cargo